About the Budget SEO Team

Setup by husband and wife team David View David Bolton's profile on LinkedIn and Judy Bolton, BudgetSEO brings to the table 13 years of web experience and non commercial SEO. With low overheads, we can offer a quality SEO service at a price that fits in the budgets of many SME companies.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a mixture of rocket science and art. David is a 31+ year industry veteran in software development in the finance, games and aerospace sectors and has been doing SEO informally since 1999.

Individual Treatment. We look at each website (blog, CMS etc) individually, as no two are ever the same. Then we determine how to get it found and make the changes to your site. These changes include:

  • - Editing the text (adding or removing).
  • - Adding internal links from other pages.
  • - Changing anchor text.
  • - Other changes to meta text, descriptions etc.

The changes we make will be done discreetly and in many cases you won't even notice them. That's the art!

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