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(Feb 2013) You Make Changes to My Site?

Yes. The necessities of SEO requires some delicate adjustments and it's quicker and safer and less hassle for you if we make the changes. This can be to add or modify text, maybe even to correct the page so it validates correectly against the w3 html Validator. If you click the link Valid HTML5 at the foot of each page on this site, they should all return a green "This document was successfully checked as HTML5!".

Making changes isn't always easy. The simplest are pure html websites but they are not that common these days unless very old and unchanged since the late 90s. Very common are php websites ( is one) and so long as you provide access to them, we can download a script, save it then make changes.

A growing trend is CMS and E-commerce sites and we've already done one of those based on the CMS Made Simple software which is very nice and highly recommended for simpler sites; you don't need a full Joomla or Drupal for those. That has its own online web editor but it's easier (and best to make a backup) by copying and pasting it locally, editing then pasting it back in.

The Softaculous open source install software that many PHP websites have available lists nearly 40 different makes of CMS that it can install. So we've not encountered ever yone yet. But they are all much of a muchness and changes are fairly straightforward.

(Jan 2013) Phrases, Phrases and Phrases

This is about Google search results. Even without formal SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), there's a reasonable chance that one of your pages will be on the first page of Google's results for some phrase or other. Make sure though that you are signed up to Webmaster tools, verified your site and have created a sitemap and submitted it.

Some cases. The Spirit of the Unicorn site is on page 1 for Past Life Regression London and Thought Field Therapy London (Both about 3 million results). We didn't optimise it for Post Abduction Therapy but there it is as well on Page one for that phrase. Three for the price of two!

On BudgetSEO, there's a tagline "Get found on Google's Page one results" and that exact phrase on produces 776 million results of which Budgetseo is 2nd on page one! Nothing quite like an exact match. That was not optimised either.

Remnember though unless people are searching for the phrase you are top of, it's no good. It's all about bringing people to your site and to do that, being on the first page of results for the phrase that they searched for!

It's alos important to find out suitable phrases with a keyword tool.

Let BudgetSEO help you get the right phrases to be found.

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