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What is SEO - About Search Engine Optimization

You could write a book explaining about SEO, the whys, wheres and wherefores. in fact someone already did- http://www.seobook.com/about.shtml, as well as many others.

SEO is needed to get your site found on the first page of Google for a particular search phrase. To do this requires altering your site, getting lots of useful links and other factors that make it rank high enough.

Some search phrases generates billions of results. Try money for example with nearly three billion results. Or SEO which generates 849 million results. A rare word like oppugn on the other hand returns just 70,400. Amazingly, according to Google's adword tool (as discussed in the next paragraph), 2,900 global monthly searches are done for oppugn, compared to 68 million for money!

Then there is choosing the phrase. If only one person searches for a phrase then its not very worthwhile, so you need to know that phrase in the hope that lots will find you. Theres a whole industry built up providing you with keyword tools.

Basic SEO is about making a page what Google thinks is the ideal for the phrase you want that page to be found for. The better the page suits the phrase the more likely it is to be found in the first ten results. That's not all of course. Having links to your page help as well.

What About Pay Per Click (PPC)?

This is the term for adverts such as Google's that run up the side of blogs and other sites. Advertisers bid for keywords and the highest bidder appears in the no 1 spot, then the next in #2 etc.

I don't consider PPC to be about SEO, but it is a way of getting found and how Google makes a lot of money. All you need to do is bid and then you pay for every click on your adverts.


The SEO two step- find a good phrase and optimise the page for it. Hey it must work - you found this page! Seriously though the hard bit that we do is the optimisation. Google is sensitive to a lot of factors; some 200 is the figure quoted and getting just one wrong can drop a page from page one to page three or worse. Been there done that!

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