Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you so inexpensive? We are a small company with low overheads. That's it!

Are you for real? Most certainly! That's why we published the SEO cases so people can check that we've done what we said we did.

Will you do business with me. My site is not in the UK?. Oh most certainly, so long as you can pay by Paypal, we're happy to get any site found.

Is Comment Spam bad for SEO? . Very. I've seen this with one of my sites writers q & a where spammers had been posting answers, comments and even questions. Lots of links to sites are actually bad for the site they link to but also for the site infested by them.

What are good and bad phrases?. Generally the better phrases are two or more words long. As they get longer you get fewer results. One word phrases are very very hard to get a web site found for. In almost all cases we won't optimize for single words.

Do you use or recommend PPC (Pay Per Click)?. We don't use it, it can be costly but recognise that it can get traffic to a site quickly.

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