18th February June 2016

I've not updated the site in yonks, but still quite busy and have just had to move servers for this and 30 other domains! Ah the joys of hosting. Also, I'm no longer based in London but the depths of Lincolnshire where the poulation is 1/200th of where I was in London and so is the internet speed...

2nd June 2013

Best result ever! I registered a new domain http://bespokeprogrammers.com on one day. 24 hours later it's top on google.com for the phrase bespoke programmers (out of a million results). I added it via Google Webmaster tools when I set it up. I can't claim any credit and sure it's an exact match, but still if anyone tells you you can't get there quick...

4th April 2013

A site http://filteredhistorical.com is now on google page 1 for the phrase filtered historical. 7.5 million results! I set this site up from new so the SEO was baked in from the start. It shows it can be done.

19th February 2013

And we're back on Google Page one! It's like a war with all sides constantly striving to gain hold of that valuable piece of turf known as google page one! Our budget shock troops lead the attack and gained a foothold on both google.com and .co.uk for Budget seo.

6th February 2013

We have to make changes to your site to increase it's SEO rating. As part of our contract with you, you give us access to your site so we can make the necessary changes in as light a manner as possible. In many cases you will not notice the difference though we can't guarantee that.

1st February 2013

But now, thanks to the recent Panda changes we've dropped to page 2. Time to do some more magic... Ironically near the top of page one is a holding page!!! For budgetseo.co.uk on the google.co.uk search for budget seo. It does make you wonder about Google's algorithms...Some times these drops correct themselves but best not to leave it to chance and this shows the need to monitor.

16th January 2013

BudgetSEO made it to the first page of google.com and google.co.uk for the phrase budget seo.. But is no longer on the first page of Yahoo.com, Bing.com or msn.com for that same phrase! Plus I've just started adding articles about odd aspects of SEO.

5th January 2013

BudgetSEO remains on the third page of google.com for the phrase budget seo.. The good news is we seem to be on the first page of Yahoo.com, Bing.com and msn.com for that phrase!

18th December 2012

The site http://spiritoftheunicorn.com is now on the first page of Google.com for the search phrase past life regression london. SEO started for this in October 2012 before the launch of BudgetSEO.

12th December 2012

The site http://writers.im is now on the first page of Google.com for the search phrases Writers Q & A and Writer's Questions and Answers.

7th December 2012

Today, having properly launched BudgetSeo, we've started applying SEO to the site. After all if we don't get found for the phrase budget seo, we probably won't get any customers!