SEO Services

Our service gets any of your website's pages (including the home page) for one phrase found on the first page of Google. For example you might want to optimize for the phrase best examples.

We review/edit/optimise your page and get it found (for your phrase) on the first page of Google in three- six months. If we haven't got you there in six months then we give you a full unconditional refund. If we don't think we can help your site (rare but it happens) then there are no charges.

Our Prices

To engage us with an initial consult by email is £49.95 but is only charged if we believe that it would be possible for your page to get on page one of Google. This consult will provide you with search phrases that we recommend. If we proceed then it's £100/month for the first six months.

To start the ball rolling

First Contact us and we'll take a look and come back to you with the phrases we think will suit you. You then pay us the initial fee and we start the work.

Second and subsequent pages, each with its own search phrase is £50/month/page for six months then £25/month/page after.

If we've failed to get your page found on Google after six months then you get an unconditional refund of all monthly payments (£600.00 for one page, £900.00 for two etc). If we succeed then you can then carry on at £50 a month (+£25 for each other page) with us monitoring it every week and taking action to get it back on to the front page if it drops off. Or you can just walk away.

All payments are by PayPal

Here's what we do after you contact us:

  • Initial free email discussion of the phrase you want for the page and we provide alternate suggestions based on traffic.
  • If we think there are better ones we'll suggest them, but you ultimately decide which to go with.
  • If we think you are asking too much of us, we''ll tell you. Some phrases just can't be done with SEO.
  • If you decide to go ahead, you pay us the initial fee and off we go...

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