SEO- What is Search Engine Optimization about?

SEO is all about getting yoru website and the pages on it, optimized so that search engines will find them and rank them high, hopefully on the first search results page.

There are two elements to SEO.

  1. Getting Links to your site.
  2. Making the pages searchable.

Getting Links

This can be the hard part. There are plenty of web sites that will let you pay them to have links to you but Google doesn't like that. If a paid directory has links to 100,000 websites then the value of a link from their site is not so good. Links from search engines are however quite good as they aren't usually paid for.

Making the Page Searchable

This includes amongst other things, making the page fully html5 (or whatever version of html or xhtml) conformant. If you click the Valid HTML5 link at the bottom of any page, it should get a green markup validation from

Then various other things, meta descriptions, keywords, page title, single h1 and quite a few more factors such as sitemaps to help search engines find your pages. That's the art of SEO.

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